Mindful Gift Box


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A beautiful gift box to bring you gently into the present moment. All natural and handmade. 

This gift box contains:

An Organic Mindful Bath Tea, a timber spoon to scoop it with and a Muslin bag to keep the petals contained in the bath (if you prefer no clean up at the end). 

Mindfulness exercises that can be done in or out of the bath. 

A raw Rose Quartz Crystal.

A meditation mist for mindfulness. Scented with pure essential oils. 

40g 100% Natural deodorant stick -bicarb free, plastic free (home compostable packaging), vegan, smells like lemony sunshine and REALLY works!!

A Gift of Seeds eco friendly plant seeds. This will be a random selection of plant seeds from the gift of seeds range and may not be the seeds pictures. They are all beautiful though! 


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