Seed and Sprout Tooth Floss refill - set of 2


  • Seed and Sprout Tooth Floss refill - set of 2
  • Seed and Sprout Tooth Floss refill - set of 2

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Clean your teeth and the planet with our plant based floss! 

This dental floss smells beautiful, comes in a beautiful glass jar and glides like a dream. Did you know that regular floss is typically plastic?! Beyond just being plastic, many contain harmful ingredients. It's coated with PFC's which is a chemical that's found in teflon. The PFC's are added to make the floss glide better. We've found a great alternative - ours is vegan, plastic free and works beautifully. 

This dental floss is made from a cornstarch-based PLA, a compostable plant based renewable floss which is vegan friendly, refillable and reusable.

 What you get

2 x 30m plant-based mint floss refills

Why we love it

  • Plant based, made from corn starch PLA
  • Vegan - coated with candelila wax
  • Minty fresh with natural mint flavouring
  • Non-toxic
  • Such an easy way to reduce your plastic footprint
  • Fits beautifully into our glass floss jar


4.5cm diameter x 1cm

Care Instructions
  • Refill your glass jar with this floss refill then simply pull the desired amount of floss from your jar and tear off using the tab on the lid. Our floss is compostable. 

Compostable vs. Home Compostable

There is a difference - this floss is compostable. In order to compost, PLA products require high heat, sufficient moisture and time to completely break down into carbon dioxide, water and a small amount of humus, a soil nutrient.

Our floss is nice and thin and may require less time than a coffee cup or piece of cutlery made from PLA, but it will still need certain conditions which may or may not be achieved in home compost.  It may be the case that it will break apart into smaller pieces but may not fully compost under home compostable conditions.

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