Imbibe Protect 300g


  • Imbibe Protect 300g
  • Imbibe Protect 300g
  • Imbibe Protect 300g

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  • Skin Repair 
  • Acneic Skin
  • Immune Protection and Defense 
  • Stress Management
  • Gut Repair and Gut Nourishment
  • Fighting Free Radical Damage

Protect is our full-spectrum master formula for immune protection and defense, stress and sleep management, protection against early signs of ageing and oxidative stress and helps enhance collagen formation and preservation. 

The good sources of Vitamin C from bio-available camu camu paired with Zinc help heal scarring and pitted skin and assist with skin repair and reformation and immunity. 

Our everyday multi-tasking blend is clinically formulated to protect immune function while drenching your cells in the nutrients necessary for optimal cellular renewal, skin and gut repair, cellular protection and optimal collagen formation.

Adaptogens Reishi and Schisandra work in harmony with incredible amino acids L-Glutamine and Glycine to provide daily immune support and help the body adapt to stress. The “Beauty Berry”, Shisandra, pairs with antioxidant rich superfruits to support collagen formation and repair within the skin matrix.

The potent combination of these two key adaptogens, Reishi and Schisanrda, work together to balance the endocrine system, support and strengthen the stress response in the body. Reishi, known as the “Mushroom of Immortality” is particularly well known to support the immune system and lead to a state of calm. Schisandra, the deliciously tart adaptogen, is traditionally used to support the body's ability to handle stress and is said to enhance and preserve beauty at every age.

Potent antioxidants found in Australian native camu camu, raspberry, elderberry, pomegranate, elderberry, blackcurrant and blueberry defend the cells from early aging and protect from further oxidative stress whilst simultaneously encouraging skin-glow from within.

These critical elements work together to support immune function, protect collagen from accelerated ageing, repair scarring, support the body’s stress response, while encouraging regeneration at a cellular level.

It’s an epic blend, one that we’ve worked on for over two years and we’re sure you will absolutely fall in love with it.  

Per serving (2.5 teaspoons) Protect gives you:

  • A high level of Vit C with 66% RDI Vitamin C.  Vit C is known to reduce the duration and severity of seasonal colds and supports general health and wellbeing and wound healing.
  • A good dose of Zinc with 25% RDI Zinc
  • 900mg L-Glutamine for immunity
  • 1500mg Glycine for gut, skin and cell repair
  • Potent Adaptogens for stress management
  • Potent Antioxidants mopping up free radical damage which leads to early signs of ageing
  • A good ORAC* score (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). Per 10g serve of Protect, there is about 1000 μmol. * ORAC value is a measure of the antioxidant capacity.



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